Melons Pumpkins and a Villager Powered Crop Farm! - Truly Bedrock - S01 EP09

In today's episode from the Truly Bedrock SMP Server, I build an automatic melon and pumpkin farm, and show my design for a villager based potato farm! Things start off smoothly enough but the remnants of a pillager raid soon start causing trouble for me!

While I have one pillager safely locked up in the sheriff's jail, a Vindicator attacks my farmer villagers! Later, the remaining farmers are turned into zombie villagers by a baby zombie spider jockey. This ends up breaking my village completely and I resort to removing all of the beds and work stations.

Eventually, I manage to obtain some new villagers using a potion of weakness and a golden apple to convert some of the zombie villagers, and finally get my crop farm up and running!

I then decorate the area with jungle logs, wood planks and smooth stone slabs.

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