The Mineshaft And The Blacksmith! - Truly Bedrock - S01 EP10

In today's episode from the Truly Bedrock SMP Server, I once again struggle with the issues surrounding villager mechanics! After managing to get my crop farm and the barn and schoolhouse trading halls back up and running off camera, They have all delinked again whilst I was offline.

After gathering all of the stray villagers in to a safe area, I go about removing the nether portal at the centre of my base and move it underground. I decorate the new area in the style of an abandoned mineshaft, with a few gold, iron coal and diamond ore, andesite, cobble and mossy stone. I add texture by using slabs and stairs and waterlog some of them to create puddles.

Afterwards, I begin to build a blacksmith building with a stable, paddock and a lean to with a blast furnace and a chimney, where the villager will work. The build uses oak and spruce wood planks and is decorated with podzol, coarse dirt, path blocks and hay bales.

Finally, I move a villager in to his new home and attempt to link him with a bed and a workstation.

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