The COW farm powered by a BEE powered WHEAT farm | Truly Bedrock s1e68

Thanks for watching another episode of Truly Bedrock! Truly Bedrock is a SMP of 15+ awesome bedrock content creators building amazing things, collaborating, having a little mischievous fun, and otherwise making enjoyable videos for everyone. We are not Hermitcraft, but I do recognize their success and enjoy their content! Hopefully you enjoy ours too!

In today’s episode we are helping out Blujaygames! He shows me this… thing… he calls a cow farm.. and well we have to set him up for success. To do that, we are going to set him up with a wheat farm super charged by bee’s to help him get enough of what he needs to make lots and lots of steak! Also, silentwisperer is looking for some Iron so we make a deal with him… I think he got the better end of this deal.

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