The Lawman! Building An Old West Sheriff's office and Saloon Hotel! - Truly Bedrock - S01 EP08

In today's episode from the Truly Bedrock SMP server, I make some more progress on my old west themed base! I create a wooden sheriff's office with adjoining jail cells. The majority of the build is made from oak and spruce wood planks, stairs and slabs but the jail is made from white concrete powder, wool and brick! I decorate the interior and finish everything up with lanterns and iron bars.

I move on to the saloon, which I built while streaming. I create a bar area with poker tables, a bar with some storage and make a piano out of looms, brown wool and a few dark oak trapdoors! Upstairs, I create a few bedrooms and decorate them with beds, desks and lanterns.

I also decide to restock my shop with the enchanted books that I have been collecting from my Pillager Outpost Raid farm!

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